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The name's Cloud. Cloud Strife. Not much to say about me. Just a delivery boy, ex-SOLDIER, and I've been told I'm a good friend.

I'm known to "dilly-dally" for too long. Just got a lot on my mind but I don't bite. I promise.

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The blond man was walking around in the desert, his motorcycle ran out of gas a few miles back and he was forced to travel by foot this time. He had no idea who he was and he knew he wouldn’t see a face for miles….

* The blond man see something a few meters away. Approaching of it he could see a strange creature with old brown robes and with a brown old hood. You could see a red flashlight on his head, and his only visible body part was his hands. His skeleton hands. With a ghost voice the crature says*

Skell: Excuse me, sir. But in what world are we? And most important, are you alright?

Cloud’s eyes went wide a little, rubbing his eyes, The heat must seriously be getting to me…. He shook his head, examining the creature again, his mind and senses were fuzzy since he was dehydrated and the heat had gotten to him, he was spending more time than he wanted to in the desert, damn luck. “I-I’m fine…..and w-we’re on Gaia.” it was a lie on the first part and it was clear by his swaying and heavy panting.


The bell that rang when the blonde-haired man stepped through the wooden door perked the barmaids ears.  She quickly turned around from the cleaning she was doing to see who had entered the bar.  Immediately her expression brightened. “Cloud! It’s good to see you again.  What have you been up to?”

Cloud’s mako infected eyes went right to Tifa as he walked over to her, “Just helping Barret with some jobs.” He sat down on one of the stools are the bar and looked at her, “How has the bar and Marlene been?” He was quite interested to hear about her, his small smile remaining on his face as he sat down.

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Cloud sighed softly before he stepped into the usual bar, Seventh Heaven, where his childhood friend and his newest employer, Barret, were. He put a small smile on his face as he walked in and looked around.

The blond man was walking around in the desert, his motorcycle ran out of gas a few miles back and he was forced to travel by foot this time. He had no idea who he was and he knew he wouldn’t see a face for miles….

Cloud was in his usual black outfit, his fusion sword sheathed on his back as he hung around the usual town square where Squall and the others hung out at if they were free from not dealing with Heartless. He was leaning against a wall when he saw a girl in the center of the square, “Who might you be?”


Cissnei was actually quite pleasantly surprised that Cloud remembered her. The last time she had seen him, he was in a Mako induced stupor. The auburn haired Turk nodded politely and offered him a gentle smile. “That’s correct. It’s nice to see you again, Cloud.”

Cloud’s eyes widened a bit, surprised he actually got it right. He didn’t exactly remember if she was friend or foe, seeing her dressed like a Turk only made him wary slightly but he didn’t let it show, She looks harmless…., “How have you been?”


Serah smiled at him, “—Hehe sorry, I just want to see her right now, I can’t wait!” she poked the boy’s forehead. Serah nudges him and placing her hands on her head. “No worries, Cloud! If you want something more, ask me.” Serah looked at his reaction and started wondering of what he was thinking about, but she dedicated him a silly smile to keep on secret those thoughts.

Cloud raised an eyebrow as he looked at her, his thoughts were of his own and no, he rarely did speak them, “I’m guessing you don’t see your sister often…..?” He could only figure since some of the signs he picked up on her led him to that conclusion ….unless she really is happy and hyper like this all the time?

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Serah took the map and started watching it. She show him where her sister lives, pointing to a big house. “There! We aren’t so far away, let’s go!” Serah pulled Cloud to run with her and go to Claire’s house.

Cloud looked to where she pointed on the map, having no time to say anything back to her as he was pulled to run with her, “Woah!” He almost lost his footing for a second but quickly caught himself and ran just fine with her. Quite the energetic one. I like this girl. He sighed softly, “Thanks for this, Serah. I really appreciate it.”

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