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The name's Cloud. Cloud Strife. Not much to say about me. Just a delivery boy, ex-SOLDIER, and I've been told I'm a good friend.

I'm known to "dilly-dally" for too long. Just got a lot on my mind but I don't bite. I promise.

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: for-some-reason: Illana smiled a little, understanding the feeling…


Illana smiled a little, understanding the feeling well. “Glad to help.”
She paused a little, considering how to reply. The turmoil inside her probably wasn’t suitable for casual conversation. Deaths, battles and betrayals… Those were never pleasant subjects. And she didn’t…

Illana nodded quickly.
"I wouldn’t manage if I still worried about the past. I try and leave that behind."
She sighed slightly, not being able to let go of her current worries either.
"Not that the present is any better sometimes."

Cloud shrugged and for once, tried to stay optimistic, “Sometimes. But things might change that. You might be able to change that. Just…gotta look for the positives.” Tifa really is growing on me….


She looked over her shoulder, a small smirk crossing her features. “Did you?” Again, the inched toward him, taking his hands in hers. “Well now all of that doesn’t matter. The time we were apart….Because we’re here now, together, right? And I’m glad.”

When the girl took the man’s hand, he held it tightly, forcing him to look back at her, the blush still there even though he wouldn’t admit it, wishing inside it wasn’t even there. “Yeah….you’re right.” His eyes examined Aerith, taking in all of the familiar features she had, still remembering them all even after all this time, his small smile inching wider just a bit on his face, “I-I’m glad too Aerith….really glad.”

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I notice my friends arm as he wipes the slime off my fur. I can smell the bitter tang of his blood; the wound looks bad and may need immediate medical attention

“I’m glad you are okay too, that was quite a battle and you fought bravely my friend”

I spot Clouds motorcycle east of our position; it is half covered in sand and looks like it may have been hit with rocks and I paw at my friend and motion in the direction of the motorbike before bounding over to it and sniffing about the vehicle with enthusiasm

“I think it’s broken, Cloud” As say as I poke it with a paw and sniff it again “some rocks hit it I think”

The blond winced a little from the wounds he had, a small smile coming to his face after, “Y-Yeah but I couldn’t have done it without you, Nanaki. Thanks for the save.” He looked over to where his furry friend had bounded over to, walking up to his motorcycle and examining it,

"Hmm." He pushed a few rocks off it with his good arm and checked a few things, letting out a heavy sigh afterwords, "Yeah. You’re right." It looked pretty beat up, a heavy rock had fallen and rolled off it, leaving a few essential parts of it broken. "Damn." He looked down to Nanaki, "Looks like we’ll have to walk back." He couldn’t do anything about it right now, he had no way of getting it anywhere to fix it, his arm too badly injured for him to push it.

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Tifa winces when she felt someone shook her slightly , Tifa slowly winces her eyes with her vision still slightly blurred she could still make out the person who came to wake her up. ” Cl…Cloud ? is that you ?…” Tifa closes her garnet eyes once more before opening them up to refocus finding herself leaning against Cloud’s lap for support.

Before Tifa could express how glad she was able to see Cloud finally came back to Edge. She stopped at the symptoms which was shown by Cloud got her all worried as she sat up instantly quickly placing her hands softly against Cloud’s shoulders before in her attempt to lift Cloud up onto his feet.Tifa worriedly wraps one of his arms around her as she slowly took small steps out across the wooden pavement of the abandon Aerith’s chapel to his Fenir bike parked outside the entrance.

Upon leaving the church Tifa slowly placed Cloud leaning him against his Fenir bike. Tifa knelt down before him as she crawl slightly forward touching him on his forehead with her back hand before placing both her palms against his cheeks with her worried garnet eyes glancing right at him. “Please…be ok….Cloud…promise me you’ll be alright…”Tifa wraps her arms around Cloud’s chest as she lowered her head down nuzzling against Cloud’s back with a tight embrace she spoke with her voice breaking down .”I don’t want to lose you again…i’m scared I will never see you again.”

Cloud gasped a little as he was taken by his childhood friend back outside to his back and was forced to lean against his bike. He was okay, he just went a little too fast for his mind and his heart, the memories hurting both a little. He needed to take it slow, especially after all this time, it just all came rushing through him all at once causing him to wince like that.

"T-T-Tifa…I’m okay…." He looked right into her eyes, a slight discomfort on his face, the embrace making him blush deeply from just how deeply the girl felt about him, the words going right to his heart making him blush more, a slight pang of guilt for going away for so long getting to him. "I’m here, Tifa. Don’t worry. Relax." He slowly wrapped his arms around her, holding her tight as he rested his head on top of hers, his eyes closing as he breathed deeply, letting his body relax slowly as he held the girl he held cared so much for.

"Relax….I-I’m not going anywhere for a while. I’m sorry. I-I….I never wanted you to worry or get scared." He knew that it was pretty much his fault, going away for so long without even one word to her or any of their friends about how he was nor where he was would have scared and worried anyone. He never answered his phone, it full of messages and voicemails he’d never check because he didn’t care at the time. He just needed time away from everyone after what happened.


“They’re just fine, actually.” She spun around so her back was facing him, a small sigh escaping her. “That’s right….You’re a delivery boy now, aren’t you, Cloud?” A lot had changed since they’d last seen each other, hadn’t it? “I missed you.”

Cloud looked away from moment as he heard the small sigh, it hitting him just now just how long the two haven’t talked. A small blush appeared on his face from her last words, “Y-Yeah, I am.” He kept himself busy with his job, always going here and there, “I-I….I missed you too, Aerith….” His blush grew deeper as he said that, forcing him to look away for a moment to try and hide it.

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Tifa gasped at his action, not thinking in a million years that he would abruptly hug her like that. Even though it was only for a few moments, each one dragged on like hours. In that short span of time, Tifa felt her cheeks heat up and her heart rate quicken. She could feel his warmth. And for those few seconds, she felt safe. Something that she only truly felt whenever Cloud was around. A deep part of her felt pained when he broke away from her, and she turned her head towards the flower to hide her face from his view—embarrassment washing over her like a tidal wave.

“Yeah…” The barmaid replied softly, still trying to calm herself down. She started to wonder how long he would be around for. Would it be a day? Or a week? How long could he stick around before the memories became too much? Before she became too much? And he would go off again, without any word or explanation. As good as it was for him to have his job, she hated it. Of all her friends, Tifa wanted Cloud close to her. He was her only real family left from Nibelheim. The only other person who remembered the town as it was. The people there.

Forcing a smile, she turned back to look at him. Hopefully the color returned to normal on her face. No matter how hard she worked at controlling her emotions, Cloud always had been able to reduce to her a puddle.

I wonder if he even notices it. What he thinks. Probably nothing. 

“Was there anywhere else you wanted to go after this…?” Tifa asked curiously. She had a feeling that if they lingered much longer, the peaceful feeling would give way to more negative emotions. “Or did you want to return to Seventh Heaven?”

The same question clouded Cloud’s mind as well. How long would he stay for? He didn’t really want to think about it now since he had just arrived. He wasn’t sure where there others were exactly, that information he’d have to get from Tifa herself since he knew she knew. But would he really stay for good or longer than a few days? I have no reason to go……but the memories here…. The memories might be what weighs him down and makes him decide if he wants to stay for a month or two before going back to deliveries or just go away again as soon as possible.

He thought about the question that was presented by Tifa. He found himself being distant again, really having no other ideas. He did kind of want to stay here for a bit longer as he took a step away from her to examine more of the flowers and the scenery. I may return here on my own time…. He looks back at her again after thinking it through, “N-No….” He still had a small smile on his face, a very light blush there but it wasn’t heavy enough to be seen unless someone was close enough. “We can go back now.”

His body forced a small yawn out of him, unintentionally showing just how tired he was, causing the blush on his face to grow a bit deeper, Tifa able to see it from where she was. He was a little too embarrassed to say anything about that.



Cloud looks up and notices the black figure. It reminded him of the Organization fellows when he was helping out Sora, they were evil but he didn’t get too involved. He kept his wits about him.

 The black figure nods and goes about, circling Cloud.

17: New here?

Cloud kept his eyes on the figure the entire time, pacing around, never leaving his back open to the figure. The Organization was the reason why he got so dark sometimes. But Sora helped him with that and gave him some encouragement. He remained weary, “What’s it to you?” His voice wasn’t offensive nor rude, it was simple and to the point.

Cloud looks up and notices the black figure. It reminded him of the Organization fellows when he was helping out Sora, they were evil but he didn’t get too involved. He kept his wits about him.