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The name's Cloud. Cloud Strife. Not much to say about me. Just a delivery boy, ex-SOLDIER, and I've been told I'm a good friend.

I'm known to "dilly-dally" for too long. Just got a lot on my mind but I don't bite. I promise.

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I hope he slept better knowing I was there with him…

The brunette nodded her head as she placed the spoon back into the pot. “Glad to hear it.” She could hear the clammering of porcelain in the other room and she smiled. “You brightened up their day, you know,” Tifa commented as she turned off the stove. “Luckily for you they shouldn’t stay upset for very long.”

“No, Denzel! Over there!” Marlene shrieked. Denzel was quiet as he mumbled a sorry. Tifa sighed, walking past Cloud to see what was going on. She saw Marlene placing old candles that were in the cabinet on the table while Denzel started fixing the tablecloth that they somehow found. What surprised her the most was that there were only two plates on the table, and across the room were two other plates.

“What’s going on in here?” Tifa asked, resting her hands at her hips. Denzel blushed, rubbing the back of his neck as Marlene smirked.

“We’re fixing up the tables! I know you two wanna catch up, so Denzel and I will sit over there instead!” The young girl had a twinkle in her eye. She was definitely up to something. 

“Marlene…you don’t need to do that. Don’t you want to eat with Cloud, too?”

“It’s okay!” Marlene jumped from the chair she was standing on. She held up her hand as she smiled. “Don’t worry about us!”

Tifa chewed on her bottom lip as she glanced over at Cloud nervously. Kids did the darnedest things, sometimes…

Cloud walked into the other room a few seconds behind Tifa looking around at what the kids had done, a small blush appearing on his face. “O-Oh…..” A shy grin came to his face as he looked at Denzel, giving him a small wink.

He walked next to Tifa, “Yeah, Tifa. I told you….you worry too much. This might be nice.” He flashed a smile at her, the small blush hidden unless one looked closely enough. Cloud was actually really impressed at what the kids had thought up, not expecting it at all but it was certainly a change of pace for both him and Tifa.

"Nothing we can do to stop them now since they had already set it up." He said to her as he gave her a small nudge as if to say Just go along with it.


“Don’t scare Tifa like that again! Or us!” Marlene pouted as Cloud let her go. Denzel, on the other hand, smiled brighter when he was acknowledged. And she chucked slightly when Cloud messed with his hair. “You have a cell phone for a reason, mister!” Marlene exclaimed.

Tifa was still working in the kitchen, chuckling to herself as she overheard the three of them in the other room. Oh, to hear the voices fill the bar once again. It always made the place feel more like a home than a business. It was nice. If only it would last. Her crimson eyes flew up towards his as he watched her. 

“I hope that you’re hungry. I fear I made enough stew to feed an army,” the barmaid said sheepishly. “Denzel, Marlene, why don’t you two go fix one of the tables, hmm? No need for us to eat at the bar tonight…” Tifa murmured loudly enough for the two to hear. Behind Cloud, the two scampered off to get plates and silverware for them. Tifa smiled at Cloud then, pulling up some stew in her spoon.

“How did you sleep?” she asked. With her other hand, she motioned for him to come try the stew.

Cloud merely chuckled and nodded as he was lectured by the little one, feeling happy inside that he made Denzel feel better. “I know, Marlene. Heh, sorry.” He played the girl’s game, a smile still on his face.

He felt really happy for things to be like this again, he couldn’t remember the last time he had felt so happy. Guess I forgot what it was like to actually have people around. He stepped deeper into the kitchen, stepping to the side so he could talk to Tifa and not be in her way as he watched the teens go off to set up for dinner.

"Sounds good to me." He shrugged, while on the road the blond didn’t eat much. Just whenever he needed to but sometimes he didn’t even bother for a whole day to. He got too caught up in his own thoughts and mind while he traveled and sometimes just drifted off to sleep in mid thought. "Fine…I guess. Haven’t slept that well in a while." He will admit, his own bed sure beats ones at hotels no matter how nice some were.

Cloud opened his mouth, wanting to tell Tifa just how long he would be sticking around, thinking that he might had made up his mind up right there but he decided against it. He just wanted to enjoy the night right now and try to get away from his own thoughts.

cataclysmicpuppeteer-deactivate said: "But words can change the world, end populations. We know, Cloud, because we cause those words. We can feel your anger; our words made their impression."

Cloud finally worked up the courage to even look at Jenova, “You know, for someone who got beaten by me, a ‘puppet’, you sure have a lot talk. That is probably the only thing you can do anyways.”

cataclysmicpuppeteer-deactivate said: It laughed. "Silly boy, you are so very afraid. You just try and act strong, but, you are nothing more than a puppet, and that hurts more than anything."

Cloud sighed, “Words are words, Jenova. You learn to overcome just air.” He shook his head, still trying to ignore the words spoken to him that were just too true.

If you wish to do this, pick your site and have at it.

The site basically pings and hits the website, spamming its servers up.

Yes, it is illegal, obviously, but don’t you wanna fight to keep your freedom?

cataclysmicpuppeteer-deactivate said: "Really, puppet, and you know it so well. It frightens you, corrodes at your mind."

Cloud just shook his head, trying to ignore it’s words, “I’m not afraid of anything.” He was lying to himself but he didn’t care. He wouldn’t let Jenova have this fight.


“Is he really staying, Tifa?” Marlene asked, bouncing up and down in the kitchen as Tifa stirred the makings of a stew on the stove. It’s salty smell carried throughout the entire bar and she smiled. 

“I don’t know, Marlene. You will have to ask him that when he wakes up,” she replied, feeling her heart race at the thought. Would he up and leave again? It would crush her, and kill the kids. Could she go through that again? 

“But he was in bed! And his bike looks parked! He didn’t even bring in his sword!” The young teenage girl was electrified with excitement. 

“Shh, Marlene. You’ll wake him up. I told you I don’t know anything. I would like for him to stay as much as you do.” Tifa peered over at Denzel, who leaned against the doorway, glancing down at his shoes. “Denzel, are you alright?”

“….he’s going to leave again. That’s why he left he sword outside. So he could just go.” The boy’s voice sounded distant, making Tifa frown. “He’ll just leave us again.”

“You don’t know that. Don’t think that way. He cares about both of you very much. It’s why he does the deliveries, so we can help pay to care for you.”

Footsteps from the other room caused both kids to look over, and Marlene bade a B-line towards the blond with a wide grin on her face. She grabbed his waist. 

“Cloud! You’re home!”

Denzel slowly followed, looking up at him with a small smile on his face.

Cloud took a small step back as he was practically glomped by the small girl, a small surprised look coming to his face as he was brought completely out of his just-awakening haze. He put his hands on her back, giving her a tight hug, “Y-Yeah. I am.”

He looks up at Denzel and gave him a small confident smile, wanting it to be clear to the two that they shouldn’t worry about him, nor if he was going to leave. He sniffed the air and smelled the stew, his smile getting a bit bigger. He let go of Marlene and gave Denzel’s hair a ruffle before walking over to the bar where Tifa was cooking. “Good to see you two again.”

He looked at Tifa, giving her the same confident look that he gave to Denzel, knowing the question if he was going to stay or not was on his mind. Tifa is right though, I should go and visit everyone else….I don’t want them all coming here just to see me. He mentally sighed and figured he should wait on that, at least until tomorrow or the day after. He had these three to enjoy right now.

cataclysmicpuppeteer-deactivate said: "Oh? And why are we not intimidated by this little fact? Oh yes, because you are weak and so very easy to play with."

Cloud crossed his arms, he was going to get more angry at it but he knew better, it’s words stinging him quite a bit, reminding him of how he was last played with by both it and Sephiroth. “Oh really?”

cataclysmicpuppeteer-deactivate said: "We found some....hosts. Now, we are strong enough to just be. And you cannot do a thing about it, silly puppet."

Cloud squints his mako eyes as he looks at Jenova, “We’ll see about that. I took care of you once. I’m not afraid to do it again if need be.” His words had a sliver of threat behind his usual emotionless voice.